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Events Calendar
Every Thursday
5 to 7 pm
Social Catch up and Raffles at the Avon Head Tavern 120 Withells Road Avon Head Christchurch.
Come along and catch up with other members and friends for an hour or so to talk cars and have a laugh and on the last Thursday of the month some choose to stay for a meal. A great way to spend a couple of hours on a winters evening, hope to see you soon.
27 Nov 2016 Christmas Picnic.
It's time once again for the annual Christmas picnic. Please contact Santa's Helper with names of children or grandchildren attending. Refer to your latest copy of the magazine for further information. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
11 Dec 2016 Presidents Shout.
The presidents shout has rolled around for another year just in time for Christmas, it has been a short year. A BBQ will be following the breif commitee meeting, refer to your latest copy of the magazine for all the information.

Non Club Events

If you have any photo's or would like to provide a report about these events, please send to your webmaster.

 1st Sunday of the Month


Christchurch Petrol Head Run (NEW VENUE)

8am to 12pm, Meet at the New Venue being the Kustom Car Club, 863 McLeans Island Road. Open to all Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Street Machines, Classic & Vintage Cars. This is an opportunity for a good breakfast followed by an interesting run.

1st Sunday of the Month Classic Motoring Society of NZ.
Events commence 10:30am, leaving from the Princess Margaret Hospital, Southern Car Park.

Past Events

If you have any photo's or would like to provide a report about these events, please send to your webmaster.

18 June 2016 Mid Winter Dinner.
Yet another enjoyable evening with good food and great company. Many thanks to Terry and Sharyn for hosting this event yet again.
15 May 2016 AGM.
This was a great turn out with members from as far away as Nelson attending, a great effort. In total we had 28 members present. No change to officer positions from last year other than a joint web master position.
Easter 2016 24th New Zealand Nationals - Cromwell.
This was an amazing week end with weather that was better that could be asked for. It was amazing to see 51 Studebakers parked on the top of the clyde hydro dam with the sun shinning down. The trip to the Hayes engineering works and homestaed made us aware of just what those before us had done for this country. A big thanks to Murray, Jacky, Ray for a very well organised Nationals, well done and many thanks. I know my family had a great time.
21 June 2014 Mid Winter Dinner.
Although smaller numbers than last year this was a good night with a few laughs and the sharing of food with friends. The boys even managed to find a man cave for the night. Thanks to all for the great food and  Terry & Sharyn for being such great hosts as always.
25 May 2014 Canterbury Akaroa Run.
This was a great run with 8 cars and 16 members making the trip for Fish and Chips and a refreshment on the way home in Duvauchelles. The only down side of the day was the wind and a broken gesr shift pin in my car, all part of the fun.
24 May 2014 The Captain Cook Run.
This was a run to Picton, where members from different areas meet and spend some time with our local Blenheim members and generally had a good time even getting out on the sea for a while. Sounds like a lot of fun.
18 May 2014 AGM.
The Club AGM was well attended and many thanks to those who made the effort with some members from Nelson and Timaru making the journey for this event. The committee and offices were voted back into office, so no changes this year.
17 ~ 21 April 2014
23rd New Zealand Studebaker Nationals, New Plymouth, Taranaki  2014
A big thanks to out to all involved in organising this event especially Doreen and those who made the effort to attend especially our friends from over the ditch. With out you all putting the effort in to attend and orginise this would not happen. We saw 43 cars at Concours and 120 attendees which is a great turn out. We were lucky with the weather in that the rain stayed away when needed which allow every one to enjoy New Plymouth. I hope to have some photos to add to the site very soon. Any one who has images and would like to send them in please send to
22 ~ 23 February 2014 Summer Run to Oamaru.
The run was a great success with 24 members and 12 Studebakers present to enjoy a relaxed week end where cars and friendship were the major things. Thanks to the great turn out from the Otago/Southland section of the club well done.
07 ~ 09 February 2014 Top of the South Weekend.
This was a run up to Dave and Gail's place to enjoy a week end away from the day to day stress which was taken up by a number of people and driving a variety of cars, sounds like a great time was had by all as per normal. Thanks Dave and Gail well done.
12 December 2013 Ham Raffle Night at the Avon head Tavern.
Yet again a great turn out with some going away empty handed as far as a Ham went but all full of having a great time with other club members and the spirit of Christmas
08 December 2013 Presidents End of Year Shout.
The weather tried it's best to dampen the event but in true Studebaker fashion we were not beaten with cooking of the BBQ under the big umbrella which ensuring that the insides were also keep moist. What a great way to end the year.
24 November 2013 Christmas Picnic, Tinwald Domain, Tinwald.
This was another fantastic day for the BBQ and kids games and not at least the Big Fellow in the Red suite, the only thing this year is TC did not get his bike again.
29 ~ 30 September 2013 45th Anniversary Celebration week end.
This started with dinner on Saturday night with 54 people attending. Current members were joined by some former members who had all made a significant contribution to the running of the club in the earlier years. A few hardy souls meet and went for a run on the Sunday morning ending up at the Ashley Gorge in less than a tropical climate. A great week end of catching up with past and present members.
13 ~ 15 Sept 2013 Top of the South Spring Time Run to Hokitika.
A action packed week end to one of the best places in New Zealand. A well organised run with 14 cars and 26 members attending. Well done Mort.
06 ~ 07 July 2013 Hill Holder Trophy Run.
Frank and Julie were back with the Hill Holder run for 2013. This year the rally was based at the Lakeland Resort, Taupo. This was another fantastic week end well run and attended. Very good to see.
06 ~ 07 July 2013 Winter Run to Hanmer Springs.
This was the 4th Mike Page Memorial run, we had a smaller turn out than last year but those who were able to make the trip had a great time.
05 May 2013 AGM.
The 2013 AGM was held at the Avon head Tavern, Withells Road Christchurch with a good turn out which resulted on all positions remaining with the same members other than one committee member change.
01 ~ 02 Mar 2013 Run to Dave & Gails Place.
This was a great run and week end kindly hoisted by Dave and Gail helped by Leah and Lester with the Catering. Those who attended had a fantastic time and caught up with some of our members from the area. A big thanks for this.
6 Feb 2013 Canterbury Run ~ Waitangi day (Wednesday)
We headed off to Methven via the scenic roads ending up at the Blue Pub for lunch where we meet with members from Timaru who made the most of the day off to take there cars for a run.
13 Dec 2012 Ham Raffle Night at the Avon head Tavern.
Many thanks to Mike for arranging the Hams again this year.
9 Dec 2012 Presidents End of Year Shout.
This was another well run shout thanks to all who attended.
25 Nov 2012 Christmas Picnic, Tinwald Domain, Tinwald.
The annual Christmas Picnic was a day of sun shine and 20 Studebakers lined up to enjoy the day. Santa turned up thanks to Lesters Red Truck.
14 ~ 16 Sept 2012 Spring Time Run to Greymouth.
The run was enjoyed by those that made the trip.

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